Counterbalance Height-Adjustable Table

Weight Capacity 100lbs - 115lbs (depending on size of worksurface)
Surface Dimensions, Depth 29"
Surface Dimensions, Width 46", 58"
Height-Adjustment Range, Minimum 26"
Height-Adjustment Range, Maximum 43"
Total Adjustment 17"
Release handle allows up/down function
Power Consumption 0 W
Mechanism Style Patented Counterbalance Spring
Surface Grain Direction Parallel to front user edge
Surface Edge Trim Flat Trim Profile
Wire Management Vertical Wire Carrier
Wire Tray Horizontal Manager (x2)
Levelling Includes 4 x 0.75" levellers
Leg Style "T-Leg" Centered Legs
Balancing 8 Turns = 5lbs
Charging crank handle is stored underneath the worksurface and is only used to add/subtract counterbalance charge for the table.